Friday, March 5, 2010

Boarded-up Thoughts

1st February
Slippery words swirl and twirl,
But deviously elude grasp.
Well, nothing be done 'bout that,
Another time perhaps.

2nd February
"The web was woven curiously."
So it was.
Forgive me for thinking the girl foolish.

3rd February
People who try to restore my faith succeed as they have me praying for patience.

4th February
Backyardigans are really fun. While surfing I happened to pause at an episode where they sang- "What do you do with a scurvy pirate? You make him walk the plank. You raid his ship and take his treasure... and put it in a bank.". The future economic-policy makers are in good hands.

5th February
A casual observation- In a story, being drunk is such a convenient excuse for the characters to do unjustifiable but essential things to save the story from stagnancy. Confessions, murders, seductions, heists. Et all.

9th February
Why do they apply for shares they cannot pay for?!

13th February
My poised pen pleads catharsis... It has my apologies.

14th February
It is a wonder how much I am able to write about not being able to write. There is a message in there somewhere.

15th February
Kitsune. Cat o none-tails. Will o wisp. Jack o lantern. Grindylow. Aleya. Vetaal. Vampier. Upier. Mara.

16th February
"I wonder how, I wonder why,
Yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky,
But all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree."

17th February
"a song to sing"...

18th February
For a song to sing,
A promise ring,
A low-hung branch
With a wood-plank swing,
A lone lush glade,
An escapade,
There can't be much
I would not trade.

19nd February
"What does light taste like?"

20th February
Each clue of the Cryptic Crossword tells such stories!

21th February
Kanpur?! POTF came to Kanpur?! Why-wha-who-HUH?! But they don't even know who they are! Who organised it?! Give me the names! *Sniff* Justice is a myth.

22th February
"I was born into the Jewish persuasion, but when I got older I converted to narcissism."  

23th February
Last night I played a game on Facebook where, due to virtual-money constraints I had to choose between a new boyfriend and a pair of heels. Tsk, tsk. Nihilism.
PS- I went for the heels.

24th February
To turn into random roads to wonder only later where one is headed. My mom is not the kind of person one meets everyday.

25th February
The only thing sustaining me as of now is the thought of a bonfire. Of textbooks. Maybe I'll buy a few additional copies of BS and math for the purpose.

26th February
Having a picture of a really (due emphasis) hot guy on ones desktop is so blissfully distracting.

27th February
Passion Colours Everything, Diamonds for Tears, Call, All I Want... life is beautiful.

28th February
"A-G-L-E-T. Aglet! Don't forget it."

1st March
I look really pretty in a foggy mirror. I really do.

2nd March
Mom opened a long-forgotten trunk and found my sisters and my ghungroos which had been taken to be lost. *Scribbles something in my already too long 'To do in April list' *

4th March
Taylor Lautner, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Heyer-heroes... life is beautiful-er.

5th March
Okay, fine! So I caved! Blog-addiction, allow me to remind you, is hardly a sue-able crime.


  1. @22nd Feb: Woody Allen?

    Missed you Kirra, come back soon :D

  2. You have seen Scoop? Yes, I do love love that tiny old guy.
    Trust me, 29th on, you are gonna have a hard time getting me to shut up.
    As you can see, not blogging does not necessarily equate to not writing. I'll be back and with full ammo.

  3. She found the ghungroos - ohmigod, awmygud, woahmaieegawd!

    Also - blame this on my profession - shouldn't the last one there be 5th March and not February? Just a thought.

  4. And so it should.
    About the ghungroos, I'll talk in person.

  5. So you found it! Do you agree, though?


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