Thursday, December 29, 2011

Life, uncomplicate. Now.

There is never an alternative to good ol' crying. Too good a vent. But then, your head hurts.

Can't even advertise my blog since I am not writing anything...

Stranded alone by a road with a broken slipper. No auto in sight. A man on bike. Screeches to a halt right in front of me. Reaches in his pocket. Pulls out a feviquick. "You should really fix that slipper."

Earlier my watch was slow. I used to add 8 minutes every time I referred to it. I fixed it. Now it isn't as much fun as it used to be to look at the time.

Dev Anand- Perhaps the only one who can dangle a gun lop-sided and still shoot straight ahead.

I never carry an umbrella. Call it my silent rebellion against the rain.

I am sad because I am not happy.

The Delhi Metro is like an inside joke between every one in the city.

:D :D :D :I Well, one can't keep grinning forever.

I wish I could get all my status updates printed into a book.

I know why I stopped blogging. I started social networking.

What is money worth?

That which you do not know of, you do not own.

My life is full of 4 'o' clocks.

I have started looking and analyzing events in small units called status updates.

Absolute pessimists should all technically be dead.

What? The Indian Woman is chased? Oh, chaste.
I had promised myself I would study today... Well, promises to self aren't all that binding.
I would rather be alone alone than in a crowd.

Yes, the title has nothing to do with the post. So?
Frazzle me during the day, fine. I will dull down. You see, the fact that it is daytime will lull me enough for me to tell myself that it can be fixed yet. I may not do it. But, I know I could.
Just don't do it after 10 at night. I have a dream waiting and I will never get to see it.