Thursday, July 8, 2010

Of Naggings and Glazed Eyes

9th June
About CATE- They asked me about my favourite book. I should have written about Anna, just to show that I have read it. But I didn't. Would have been too big a lie. The Little Prince transcends description, which left me with Shadow Lines.

12th June
Dusty hot late mornings. Squinting through sweat and sun. Then suddenly a stranger comes along and does something trivial, but nice for you and you think about it for the rest of the day.

16th June
Drowning shadows... shadows drown... There are no shadows at night. There are no shadows also when there is nothing to cast it...
How about...

17th June
Location- LSR
Time- 1330
Report- Two cats recline before me as I write, one gazing at me intently, the other at the first. Another prowls around at its own ease. The second one is now on its feet. It jumps up next to me and seat itself where my head was until recently. Yes, indeed, LSR campus- positively feline.

20th June
Apparently, most of the likes of Murphy's Law, Peter's Principle and Harris's Lament can be more succinctly put by way of what is known as the Jenkinson's Law, "It won't work.".

21st June
Cole's Law- slimly sliced cabbage.

27th June
"Phones now come with inbuilt dictionaries. I still prefer to use the phone to call one."

1st July
After a long time I wrote something vaguely creative, feel less confused, had insane fun, finished a book in a day and then looked for another. Good to be back.

2nd July
Cz, "I reached. Safe and sound, but dead."

4th July
It was raining. So I dragged a chair out and sat in it.

6th July
Feel drunk on overdose of satire. Want to turn up the volume of the radio enough to set the house vibrating. Also, have made standing in the rain a habit.

7th July
Shoot me already! No, wait until I am done with Stephen Leacock.

8th July
Long stretches of doing nothing do not go down quite as well as I had anticipated.