Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mental Devolution

In 10th I asked- Going by the particle theory, when we say that black absorbs light, does the mass of the thing that is black increase, however minutely, when light is thrown on it?
In 11th- Why is the sound 's' the most prominent? Even when one whispers the one sound which is always discernible is 's'. Why are human ears thus tuned?
In 12th- How can vampires come out in the moonlight when they can't do so in the sun, considering how 'moonlight' is nothing but reflected sunlight?
Yes, devolution- a reality.


  1. Hahahaha. Not to worry. I think I liked the class 12 question best =D

  2. I am also reading Ghost busters right now. ... Well...

  3. I like the vampire question best! that is a lot more fun...
    Also, for the 12th one, my head doesn't get round it so....


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