Friday, October 9, 2009

The avenues don't say.

Crossroads. Many. Too many. They make quite an intricate net. And I am standing in the middle of one. How did I get here...?
There is a tall pole where I stand. Right in the middle of my crossroad. As I look further, I see that such a pole stands in the middle of every crossroad. So many poles. So many crossroads.
These poles blur the horizon. They make it appear like a giant feathery... well, feather.
It is all about imagery. Overcast sky, densely so. It is sun-set, though I can't see the sun. How do I know then? Well, it is my dream. I get to choose, however subconsciously, what time of the day it is.
The roads are smooth, gray. They stretch endlessly away from me. They intersect some roads and merge into yet others.
The patches of unpaved land between the roads are an even, rich green.
Now, I come to a contradiction. The roads have no end. None. And yet this strange place is bordered by high dense evergreen forests on all sides. Well, things don't have to make sense in dreams. We'll leave it like that. An endless network of roads bordered by forests. Some how.
I am still standing there. I like this place. The weather is perfect, with gentle but cold breeze blowing without any apparent rhythm. Also, I am completely alone.
But I can't stay here forever. I am here for a purpose. I am looking for a particular road. I know I have to be somewhere. Somewhere else. ...But where...? Oh! I don't know. And yet that is where I want to be. That is where I have to be.
I look around. So... how do I get there...
Duh! Crossroads. With poles. There have got to be directions. They can hardly be decoration pieces.
I look up. And I keep looking. Yes, the poles are tall. Towering. There are direction signs right at the top. Four of them. They tell exactly where I am and where I can go. But, I can't even see the top. What do I do?! Am I lost?! Where do I go?!
Four options. One to take me where I want to be. One will take me back where I came from. The other two...? Traps... or someplace better?
I don't want to compromise.
I could wait for someone... But I want to be the one to decide.
Advice never hurt... But then I'll have to wait! I don't want to wait! Stand idle?! No!
A distant thunder sounds. It wakes me up.
And I find myself in a predicament not much better.

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