Tuesday, October 13, 2009

101 Corporate Haiku by William Warriner

A few of which are:

Rabbit and dog tracks
cross the snow: tell me timing
isn't everything.

A mushroom has pushed
through stone; it knows the art of

A marketing bird!
He tells me, tells me, and then
tells me what he told me.

One nagging instinct
pursues and stings him; never
be accountable.

By some mystery
of scent, we know our places
around the table.

Heat shimmers from cars
surrounding my parking space;
they all want my job.

Truly, the Wise One
is creative: he invents
his own statistics.

Heavy silence fills
the room and points to me- I
spoke the truth too soon.

No moon and no rhyme,
no reason, no blossoms, I
drink my Chardonnay.

It takes great heart
to view the Rockies as a
sales territory.

My cat on a hot
car hood, gathering warmth- is
this why I commute?

What makes a samurai
step down from his high horse?
A few bad quarters.

Seventeen syllables, enough for one to recognize a genius.
William Warriner has a piece of art to his name.


  1. Oh, I love, love, love that national anthem!
    That will ensure a lack of any fights whatsoever over over patriotism!

  2. Where can I find more of these? :| Can't find the book :(

  3. Out of curiosity, I tried looking for this book online myself. Apparently amazon.com is the only place.
    Pirates clearly have really bad taste.


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