Friday, October 9, 2009

Hints never come easy

Have you ever played 3D cross and knots?
I have.
I didn't like it. The game I had came with no instructions. So I spent a lot of my time guessing.
Every time I thought I had finally got the gist of it I would make a move and the laptop would ping (indecently happy)- Invalid Move.
Occasionally it would kindly hint me to shift the blue ball with the white one.
Only, this left me further at sea. Blue, green, red... wait! No white?! What white ball?! Hmmm... Is there some way I can change the colours? Am I suppose to find a white ball and place it somewhere?
Damn it! What ball?! Wasn't this suppose to be cross and knots? The simple, timeless, challenging pass-time, which knew no national boundary.
Well, to be fair, I am sure this game would also be challenging. That is, after it was done being simply boggling.
Eventually, I did get it. And then I deleted it. My heart broke when I realized it wasn't worth all the effort.
I was in a similar game already. No love there.
The similarities were disturbing, distressing. One move in one plane changes the game across so many more. How repercussions always spiral back to the origin (poetic justice in a way, not that I have to like it).
And all you were trying to do was figure things out amidst hints which don't make a lot of sense. It is just too bad life doesn't come with a ctrl+z.

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