Thursday, September 24, 2009

The 6 mark answer.

I sat there. Silence. The tiny scratching noises of 36 watches merging into that of pens (not ball pens. They don't scratch). Rustle. Extra Sheets. Double spaced-lined sheets. Very un-green. More rustle. Scratch.
Screech! How can you possibly afford to leave your seat. Time, there isn't any.
And I sit still. Scratching, but nothing coherent. The one point that eludes me. A greasy fish.
Fish... red herring... ? What if there is no 6th point? What if one of the previous 5 carries 2 marks? I'll have to elaborate it. But which one? Do I, at all? Or do I just chase the missing (or not) 6th?
6 marks equals to 6 points. Logic follows. Sadism doesn't.
The reason for my dilemma and agitation, the last 10 agonizing minutes, a delusion?
How can this possibly be legal?!


  1. Too much torture- self imposed at that- is really unnecessary for a mere six marks...

  2. 'Mere six marks' is an oxymoronic phrase.

  3. specially with teachers like ours.. :)


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