Monday, September 14, 2009

The colour of chaos

White. The amalgamation of all the colours simple and devoid of conflict on their own. All the other colours, for me, have chosen their sides. Not white.
When I picture white I am quite washed over by so many feelings at the same time. Vertigo, claustrophobia, confusion, a sudden rush, a strange sense of futility. The blankness of it is so bewildering. It is like an abrupt conclusion to an unfinished story. There is so much left to be said. No, you can't leave it at a blank, not now.
For many it is calm. I can see how, but the only calm I see is that of helplessness, of predestined outcomes.
Chaos, a whirl, so fast that all you catch is white. Stark, unspeaking, unyielding, withought compassion white.
And still magnificent.


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  2. Brevity is the soul of soul too. And this post has quite a bit of soul :)

  3. If only chaos were that simple...
    Clez (If you really must shorten my name)


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