Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bang, poof, and then some.

Back with a bang. But won't last this time either. Exams next week. Exams are so like natural calamities. Can't stop them. All you can really do is stock up food and wait for it all to blow over.
Well, I really have been missing posting things for a long time now, but... '12th standard' is so self explanatory. You might be interested in knowing that I haven't been idle in all this time. Far from it. Won some, lost some, what matters is participation after all. Have not precisely done much concrete reading. I am not counting Anna Karenina. You know, it really isn't as bad as people might have you believe. Sure, there isn't much that compels one to read it till the end, but it isn't like it can't be done. Admittedly, the parts about Anna's life are not... well... but Levin's story is genuinely interesting. His reactons and opinions on things, political, social and agrarian, are very worthy of thought. I might not agree with him, which I don't on various accounts, but it is still one way of seeing things.
Other than that, I read my first Segal (I know, about time). Prizes. Nice. Really nice.
I have also tried writing a book. Didn't like the way it was going. Mission aborted. I am currently on my second attempt. Hmmm... it is going... okay, I guess.
Also, I am on my path to rediscovering my taste for pizza.
Written two plays. Both were... well. In all fairness, the scripts were actually good. The execution is a very different aspect.
Have of late become very interested in the UFT. I am largely considered to have lost it beyond any help.
The education system, atleast the one here, quite defies its very purpose, don't you think. Why is there this unspoken law which ropes out half the school library to 2/3rds of the students? But let's not start on this. I find it much to maddening to talk of it politely for long.
Under consideration is a new blog in partnership with Cz. Let's see how things work out for that.
I shall try to keep this up for as long as I can, but I really can make no promises.
Till later then,


  1. Kindly do not refer to me as Cz. Merci.
    Education and happenings et al, let's not rant, shall we?
    How did you manage to find those year old posts? Time warp or something?

  2. Not 'rant' Cz, 'expression of severe disapproval' Cz. As for the time warp Cz, it could happen Cz. I have never quite believed that I belong to the same world as you Cz. :)


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