Friday, May 14, 2010

A Bad Week

#1. Nearly drowned. Not very nearly, but nearly enough. And let me tell you, in case you have never been there, it is more of a strange sensation than particularly frightening (or, more plausibly my nervous system is plugged up all wrong). Almost gulped down mouthfuls of water, but remembered to not, saying to myself, "Ew! God knows what has been in here!",  and spewed it out reflexively. Somehow just did not remember to scream or, I don't know, lift my head and breathe. So, yes it sounds unreasonable, but, hey, in my defense I was conscious of how close the life-guard was and, thus, the consequent lack of need to panic and flail around, or rather, flail more than necessary. (The life-guard was pretty sure that I would not enter the pool for some time now, but I did, feeling all Douglas Adam-ish)
#2. Didn't make it to NLU-D. Damn. I did really want to. I knew I wouldn't, but it still wasn't pleasant seeing it in writing.
#3. Discovered I have ego issues. Never nailed myself to be the type to get all competitive. I normally am not. Hardly if ever. But there I was, going all red and hostile and feeling all sucky.
#4. Was weepy on pathetic things. Episode of Ghost Hunt, article in RD. Oh, boo!
#5. Had my wish fulfilled. Had more books to read than I can take (Gasp! Is this really happening?!). Most of them the wrong kind too (Gasp! They exist?!).
Plus side-
Mad Over Donuts (Sigh!)
Secrets and Lies (Finally)
Cookie something, Mother Dairy
Mother load of new songs!
I am so easy to please.


  1. Drowned but didn't? Damned bad week, I say. You and me both.

  2. Ack. I know the feeling when you miss out on NLU-D. In a few weeks, you'll remember the college and suddenly wonder what made you want to be a lawyer in the first place.

    Almost Drowned? I'm happy you're alive, but imagine the headlines. "Kirra Serra Says No More".

    Pardon me, I've been interning at a newspaper for a while. :-/

  3. Aw hun, NO DROWNING! Nearly been there, nearly done that, and I'm so with you on the 'weird'.

    ...and I think we all have some sorta ego issues. None of us like discovering self-flaws, but knowign them can only make us better people, right? =^.^= Hang in there hun! Next week will hopefully rock!

  4. Oh, well. Regarding colleges, we've both had heartbreaks.
    And I got more donuts!

  5. Cz and Betty- Boo!
    Anty- Hey! That's a good one!
    V- Thanks, but I wouldn't count on it.


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