Sunday, May 9, 2010

It is strange (and disorienting) how much one's (well, at least my) behavior can vary with the shade of one's nail-paint. Quite like Jughead and his beanie.
Glitter- bubbly, annoyingly so
Red- classy-ly trendy, somewhat
Black- rebellious in a "\m/" way
Green- punk
Pink- embarrassed (and here I look at it and pretend to wonder "how did this get here?")
I also realized how sinister black nailpainted fingers look. I looked down at my own hands, busily packing away the various notes I made on the important articles and amendments of our own darling and exhaustively vast constitution, yesterday and wondered, "Hands like these can't possibly be up to any good."
Name- KS (alias)
Age- 17
Current Status- nail-paint obsessed (beyond help *shudder*) 

PS- In case you wondered, my CLAT went well. Not necessarily a good thing. It means it went well for a lot more people as well. Thus, there is a high chance the cut-off will be high too. Maybe I should just give up. I could always sell drugs. No, really, think of the scope, the opportunities... Bah!
 PPS- How can anyone possibly argue with the obvious superiority of Power Rangers Ninja Storm over  the other series?! It's a close one with Wild Force, but, eventually, it still wins.

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  1. That twisted logic, at any rate, would indicate a high aptitude for the profession ;)


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