Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This is a new one...

None of you must have read this one. This is one of the rare few which I've not written during classes.

Perhaps it is better to give an introduction before I start. Please do not be very critical. I noticed that the night of 7th July was surprisingly orange-ish. This poem is just idle speculation (hardly that either) and hopefully you will forgive me for offending any... well... anyone.

Look, the Heavens Have Caught Fire!
Look, the heavens have caught fire,
See the blazing sky!
Others say it's only pollution,
But otherwise says I...

Maybe the gods got drunk
And went rowdy and started a fight,
Hurling canon-like fireballs,
Setting the blue alight.

Maybe the sky went red
And fiery out of anger
Seeing the way we treat the Earth,
The way we mutilate her.

Perhaps it is just His way
of showing us his hate,
A view of the ruthless hell;
A foresight of our fate.

But He could also be showing off,
So that him we dare not tick.
Could be His pride of His power and strength.
(Well, I AM agnostic)

Look, the heavens have caught fire,
See the orange night!
You now know what I think.
Do you know why it is alight?

That IS pretty good, really. Hmmm... come on, comments?

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