Monday, August 13, 2007

Sincerest 'poligies.

Most sorry for being missing for such a long time (or for coming back again). Life just hasn't been that smooth really. Chem teacher hates me. Phys teacher hates me. Infact, what's-her-name hates me too when she doesn't even teach me! What?! Is there some kind of notice on my head which says "Watch out! I am an eeeeevil thing. Ye have been warned."? Whatever. It has been a very depressing half-a-month. Guess what? (Oh forget it. I'll tell you anyway.). Fellow CJMites might recall the ancient grey boxes stacked in a room in the basement of our school. I think they called them computers and they expected us to fall for it.
Well, things have changed. Oh yes they have! These people have just bought a whole bunch of new computers! Plasma screens and speakers, the works. And should I tell you what is even more amazing? They AREN'T MEANT FOR OUR USE! Oh no, of course not, big girls are used to scum. Why bother. They don't need proper computers which have decent fonts in word and better animations in Power Point. Nah! The kids, i.e., the KG people, who don't even know how to use these things and can't even appreciate their luck are the ones who are going to use them. Hallelujah! Joy to the World! @#$$@@#%%^%$#$$%**&$$%#$!!!
The library that the kids had has been converted into this amazing place which is now the home for these super cool computers at their disposal.
Remember being in junior school and awaiting the day we would be in 6th and be allowed to use the senior library? Remember the way we cursed the stupid books in the junior library and fantasized being able to issue decent books? Well, better news yet. The kids get the new comps. AND they now use the senior library! Amazing, isn't it! (I would flunk on purpose just to be able to use these new facilities).
Well, isn't our school generous and considerate?
God bless them all. Oh yeah, they NEED it!


  1. Cribbing are we?!? Kindly take note: if Jaya hates you, then you ARE evil... there are no two ways about this one... also let the kids be... you get the tried and tested dabbas... the ones with progs saved in them for the benefit of the generations to come... bow before this symbol of our munificence knaves!
    And by the way: leaving explanatory comment on own blog is eminently indicative of too much free time... letz not make the truth so obvious shall we?!?

  2. hey, that's a nice blog... I like the way you write... humorous and acrilic (think I spelled that wrong, but no matter).
    the poems are a leisurely read, but I like the paras better.
    Sushmita (in case you still haven't heard my nom de plume...)


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