Friday, July 13, 2007

Hi again...

Sorry, my dearest followers, to keep you waiting. There has been a net-crisis here. My net hates me. When my dad logs on- nothing to it. But as soon as I try, be it just before Dad or right after it- "sorry, the server refuses to respond because it really doesn't like you". But fear not, I've come back, fighting through inconsiderate servers, battling through ruthlessly slow network.
So anyway, my life has been very dull. And when I say very, I mean VERY dull. So I guess, as nothing else is happening, I'll just post a couple of my poems. Perhaps, a few of you might already have read a few of them but for the sake of the others who are yet un-enlightened (I AM a proud bird, am I not)...

A Request...
This poem is dedicated to a teacher I had till last year, who, even after teaching me for three whole years, did never get my name right.
You have this bugging habit
Which I have often brought to light,
And I once again ask it
If you'll ever get my name right.

I know there are many things
Which occupy your thoughts,
But does my face never bring
A memory which three years might have got?

And now as this academic year ends,
A parting road just in sight,
I plead and beg and bow and bend,
Please, finally get my name right.


  1. Infliction of your mutilated sensibilities on the unsuspecting masses aside... why Kirra Serra?
    Also... does Sethi know of this bit of defamation yet or does she sleep unaware of the nemesis about to hit her like a sack full of labour law books?

  2. she still resides in blissful ignorance (hopefully). anyway, i highly doubt her vocabulary feats. and i kinda like the sound of 'kirra serra'. the way the tongue rolls at the 'r's. and of course, the name 'k serra' was ... intriguing.


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