Thursday, April 22, 2010


I don't recall going through a writer's block longer than this one seems to last. Words simply escape me. Everyone knows that feeling of having a word almost on the tip of their tongue but not quite. So you know how absolutely frustrating it is. I am experiencing that. Every 5 minutes. Soon I'll slit a nerve or simply burst a vein if this doesn't change and fast.
Normally I don't get distracted by background noises. I mean, hello, I live in CP. But, recently, infact even right now, the faintest of whispers are more than enough to completely shatter any excuse of a creative thought I might be nurturing.
Epiphanies continue, of course, but I can no longer retain them long enough to thread them into any meaningful... meaningful... thing (godarnit!).
One of which I do remember is- it is almost always a choice between being happy and being right, isn't it.
My sentences are also slowly losing grammatical coherence.

Well. That's that.

PS- GK modules being the insipid things they are, I am balancing off going through them by reading Vampire Diaries. That's it, isn't it?! The reason behind this all!!! I don't even like the 'book' (if you must call it that)! I need a life! And a beer! And a knife! And my mommy!!!


  1. I disagree.
    I'm always right and it makes me very happy. ;)

    Okay, sorry. But you had that one coming!
    If it's any comfort, my writer's block has lasted a year now.

  2. No, it hasn't. You wrote your ":O" essays less than a year ago.

  3. ":O" essays?

  4. ":O" omg-they-are-so-good essays.


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