Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I walk out of my house to go for my classes and see that the elevator is not working. I live on the 8th floor, hence this is no joke. All the same I descend the sixteen flights, praying furtively that three hours are enough to get the darn thing running. Once out of my colony, I am taken aback by the tetris-like traffic. But, living in Connaught Place, take it to be usual. A little way ahead I discover the reason behind it anyway.A staggering multitude of people are stubbornly obstructing the path to my afore-mentioned goal. A juloos. After trying to swim upstream despite the formidable opposition, I give up and turn around, this time walking up the sixteen flights.
I fail to see the humour. Miserably.
Try climbing up sixteen flights yourself and so will you.

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